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     Sustainable water resources management and climate change adaptation are increasingly becoming the currently most recognized issues for Thailand but the world as a whole. As water is a fundamentally needed resource for humans, it is of utmost importance to understand how these water resources are impacted by possible future climate change. This holds particularly for a country like Thailand, whose national wealth and well-being is extremely dependent on sufficient water availability and which has already seen recent adverse impacts as a consequence of climate change.

     This symposium serves as a trigger for a Thai academic stage in which the academic persons, researchers, authorized officers or students can exchange ideas, knowledge, experience and skills to handle the issues mentioned above. The organizer sincerely hopes that this symposium will produce a kernel of forthcoming fruitful academic activities in sustainable management of water resources across the country in the wake of recent and future climate change.


     The main topic of the symposium covers the current and emerging topics of sustainable water resources management and climate change adaptation as follows:
    - Climate Change Prediction
    - Climate Change Adaptation
    - Weather Forecasting
    - Early Flood Warning System
    - Flood Management
    - Hydrology
    - Hydraulic Engineering
    - Irrigation Engineering
    - Groundwater Resources Management and Pollution Management

     The selected full papers for oral presentations will be published in Journal of Western Rajabhat Universities.
(English Version) : Special Issue for Sustainable Water Resource Management and Climate Change Adaptation


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